8 Tips to Fight the Summer Productivity Slump – by Wrike project management software

The winters have gone, and now you are planning for the seasons. The seasons make us the more energetic, but we get weak, too and need a break to drink, rest and play, etc. These things which can affect the production rate and the overall performance. So, in this article, we are bringing the eight tips to fight this summer productivity slump, which helps you to stay and produce in this bright season.
As the temperatures rise, the work productivity collapse. There is no secret: 25% of the respondent in a recent survey admit that they only work hard one day a week during summer. With the appeal of beach barbecues and the afternoon baseball games, how can you get your team to stop thinking about playing the vacancy and focus on the work? Use these tips to promote the productivity and focus within your workplace.

1. Keep it Cool

Winter is not only the season, which makes the people depressed: a study of the Psychological Science shows the longer period of heat decreases cognition and moods as well. So did not save on the air condition. Keep your thermostat set between the 70-72 for the maximum productivity.

2. Make Work Personal
Use the summer months to let the employees work on the passionate projects or tasks which play to their particular strengths and interests. When the people are working on something they are personally invested in, and they are more likely to be motivated and productive, while the developmental skills that benefit your company.

3. Offer Bonuses
The Baseball tickets, gift cars to local restaurants, sailing lessons: rewarding the top performances or incentivizing your team with the prizes for achieving the goals with the rewards for hitting goals can help them have more fun and catch down during summer months.

4. Embrace Daydreaming
If you find yourself or your team for more face down to the window. Letting your mind wander boosts creativity since your brain has no space to observe, reflect and make new connections simply.

5. Plan Team Outings
Picnics or the happy hours can be the just what your team needs to look forward at the end of the week.

6. Encourage Collaboration
Working with the others can help you to keep people motivated, stick to set the deadlines and to have the fun getting the work done.

7. Prioritize Output Over Hours
People may be more motivated to focus during the work days if they have the flexible schedules or the Friday afternoons off. 

8. Focus on Strategy
With the many employees off on vacation, take advantage of a quieter office to concentrate on the high-level strategy and set your team to hit the ground running come September.

I hope after reading this article, you will understand the eight tips to fight with the summer productivity slump. If still, you have any query, then comment on the comment box which is available at the end of the page.

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