What Should Home Sellers Know When Dealing with Multiple-Offer Situations

Just because you have multiple offers on your listing does not mean that everything is coming up roses. Here are five tips to avoid being stabbed by the thorns that go along with the roses.
Do you have multiple offers at your doorsteps? Don't get excited about it because the best offer can also turn into complications in coming future. Here are the things you should know to avoid any embarrassment.  

What Should Home Sellers Know When Dealing with Multiple-Offer Situations?

You have to make a wise decision here because there are too many obstacles come around in Real Estate, do not let the history repeat itself. To avoid all of those, follow the tips.

*1 - Highest Price -Avoid it?

Those who are willing to buy your property at the highest price usually mess things up and turn your world upside down. Millions of people have faced this issue while closing the sale. Most of the buyers, who are willing to go for the highest price ask you to turn down other offers with the SOLD board in front of your house. However, they are the one's create more problems for you to lower down the price and the deal is canceled. After all of the fuss, you will be begging to the people whom you have turned down.

*2 - Good Buyers Never?

Agents who do the negotiating part are smart, which is why the agencies deploy their best in the Negotiation war. Seriously, they'll make you believe that your appraised value isn't the market value and you end up selling your house for less. You should put a STOP sign, whenever you go through a price negotiator, which is the ideal way to stand tall. 
Remember, a right buyer (Agent) would never try to fool you to believe that your house is a lesser value than the market value.

*3 - Allot Time?

Real buyers would always let's allow few days to the sellers to Rethink, Understand, Go through paperwork and more. Have you ever been in that situation, where you a response to an arguement after reaching home but it's too late? If you have come across a buyer with no knowledge or overqualified, then he will rush things, so that you never time to figure out what's going on. 
Never rush, and get rid of the agent who is trying to close the sale quickly.

*4 Be Honest

Buying a house isn't a piece of cake, but when you are Honest with the house, whether it could be the condition of the rooms or places to be fixed, you should always be honest about it. To close the sale on your terms then you should seek professional to calculate the repair cost. Breach of trust between two business people will always create tension, and you end up losing a significant buyer.


Provide same information to every buyer in Writing, so that you can create a Win-Win situation. Shoot your opinions, experience, and things we have missed in the article in the comment section below.

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