5 Best Android Smartphone under 40,000 in July 2017


Smart phone companies are striving hard these days to meet the requirements and expectations of a multitude of users, from high end to low end users. From Rich millionaires to those who can hardly pass the last days of month till payday. Though you might hear of costly Smartphone’s every next day but no worries most of the specs of high end Smartphone’s are now provided at feasible cost. The specs and performance delivered with each Smartphone is in accordance with the economy.

IPhone 6s plus

Mesmerizing 3d touch, Mind blowing performance, High resolution, quick and handy cameras and the long solid battery life adds to the many factors which make this phone awesome. This phone comes with iOS 10, 32 gb nonexpendable memory and an Apple A9 Dual-core 1.84 GHz. After the launch of iPhone 7 even the iPhone 6 and 6 plus still has a great deal of market demand. Though its camera is not a comparison to iPhone 7 but still the simplicity and swiftness it offers is what takes heart away from apple fans. While on price you can get it easily in range of 39,999

Samsung Galaxy S7

Though a few rupees higher than the prescribed range, but still it makes it to the list because of countless of its feature. Aside from its most elegant design which you think has already summoned to your cost it offers best camera, longer and consistent battery life and advanced user features. It is the most ground breaking product of Samsung till date and will remain powerful competent to even upcoming apple and android phones. Price range is42000.

Huawei Honor 8

Slick, smart and smooth. Remember opening its package slowly once you buy it, behold its beauty may startle you. The finished aluminum alloy back cover and the 2.5d glass on front is a deisng and craftsmanship marvel. The 12mp cameras are eyes to the world giving high quality and lively images. 3d fingerprint makes it even more secure and the octa core processor gives flawless gaming performance and all these in price of 29,999.

OnePlus 5

Gives the best valued product within the given amount of money. The dash charger charges the phone at earliest and quickest as compared to any existent fast charging technology and the most prevalent int this regard is oneplus5 it comes in two version the 64 gb and the 128 gb which is quite much as compared to other phones sorted ion the range of the money. Compact design and impressive camera too adds to the value. Falls within the price range of ₹ 32,999.

HTC 10

HTC 10 is a well competent of the galaxy s7 edge but still htc 10 is you while galaxy s7 is the boy she tells you not to worry about. Still its more economical than s7 increasing its feasibility. HTC has always amazed its fans with its high end ahead of time cameras in ts phones. HTC 10 comes with Image stabilization, 24 bit high resolution camera, and faster laser autofocus. It is a flexible device in terms of software, offers you versatility and adaptability. Price ₹ 35000


IPhone 6s plus is undeniably unbeatable in the list within the price range mentioned. If one can afford to buy and wants the best he/she should opt for IPhone 6s plus or Samsung galaxy s7 One with stricter budget should prefer Huawei honor 8.

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